Bat services

At South Glos Cricket we offer a comprehensive bat repair and refurbishment service to all makes of bats. 

​If you wish to discuss your repair please contact us


ServiceCost (Snr)Cost (Jnr)
Full Refurb£40£30
Knock-in and oil£25£20
Weight Reduction£50£40
Handle re-binding£15£10
General repairsOn inspectionOn inspection

Full Refurb

Does your cricket bat look past its best? Bring your bat back to life with a full Refurbishment.  

We strip the blade of the bat back to bare timber, fix any surface cracks your bat then goes through our sanding & finishing processes to bring your bat back to life.


  1. Strip the cricket bat down to the bare wood. Including the removal of all stickers and facing.
  2. Repair – any surface cracks.
  3. Re-finish – the whole bat to make it look like new.
  4. Re-Sticker (extra)
  5. Facing Applied
  6. Toe Guard Applied

(New stickers and grip are to be bought seperately)

Knock in and oil

Give your new cricket bat the best start to life with a knocking in service. We suggest that this is done every year to best protect and longer last your bat.

This process prepares your bat for hardball use. You won’t notice a significant difference in performance after the service is completed. However, the service will compress the fibres to maximise the performance within the bat. Bat performance comes from the quality of willow, shape, weight and pressing done by the bat manufacturer.


  1. We apply a coat of linseed oil. Linseed oil helps the cricket bat retain its own moisture and reduces the cracking rate due to allowing the fibres to stretch rather than crack.
  2. The knocking process starts with the edges and toe of the bat.
  3. Once the knocking is complete, we then move onto applying any optional extras; antiscuff sheet, toe guard, etc.
  4. Before using your new bat for match play, we recommend using the bat for light net sessions with an old cricket ball to assess if it is ready. Start with a slow pace and slowly build up. Should small seam indentations appear, slow the pace down and only increase the pace when you can see no new seam indentations. Continue this process until you are using a new ball at full pace. 

Extras are at £3 per item: Antiscuff sheet, protective toe.

Weight Reduction

Is your bat too heavy or does it not have the pick up you want? Does it feel great when you tap up but it’s just not there when you play your shot? No problem. We can reduce the weight and re-balance your bat.

We can take up to 5 ounces of the weight by removing the labels from the back of the bat and completely re-working the shape. Please remember that reducing the weight will reduce the performance of the bat.

This service inculdes a full refurb too!!

Handle re-bind

If you see that the binding on your cricket bat handle has become loose or unravelled get it re-bound as soon as possible. It is cheaper to replace the binding than the handle. There is a risk of broken handles if the binding isn’t up to standard!

We can also apply a layer of binding on top of the original layer to make the handle thicker if you don’t like the feeling of 2 grips.


Need a new grip fitted to your bat? We can regrip your bat with a professional finish, to cerment the grip into place and avoid that horrid slippy grip feeling. (Grips are included in this service)

Results to our Professionally Refurbished Bats

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