School Programmes

School Cricket Coaching

Giving all children the opportunity to play, learn and develop through cricket.

School Cricket

South Glos Cricket is on a mission to provide coaching to schools in the South Glos and surrounding areas.

We want to offer state schools top level, quality, specific cricket coaching to introduce children to the basics, to supporting school cricket teams into matches.

We work closely with the Gloucestershire Cricket Board and the cricket programmes that are fun, active and inclusive for all.

Cricket is a game for all children any aged and any ability. We, at SGCC want to inspire, engage and develop all children through cricket by using our love for the game and our powerful bank of resources and coaching excellence.

The game of cricket allows children to learn key sporting fundamentals as well as significant interpersonal and life skills; teamwork, communication, confidence, independence.

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Coaching Programmes

Chance to Shine

A GCB coaching programme seen in 1000’s of schools, to provide the fundamentals to primary school children aged 5-11, where children play and learn through cricket. We want to inspire, engage and develop young children of all abilities.

Team Coach

Whether it is introducing quality, specialist coaching to PE lessons. Or, being head coach to the schools cricket team. At SGCC we offer a wide range of services to secondary school groups, to promote and develop cricketers of all abilities.

What can SGCC do?

  • Introduce the basics
  • Develop young children
  • Welcome to cricket
  • Inspire and engage in sport
  • Progress cricket skills
  • Cricket PE lessons
  • Head coach
  • Promote cricket

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